Sweden: Climate-friendly food promoted

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Guidelines for climate-friendly food, which have been developed by Swedish authorities, recommend that citizens should reduce their meat and rice consumption, since this is a way of reducing greenhouse gas emissions. The guidelines, which have been drafted by the Swedish National Food Administration and Sweden’s Environmental Protection Agency, state that meat is the food group that has the greatest impact on the environment. Sweden's meat consumption has grown by an average ten kilos per person over the past ten years and now totals 65 kilos, according to the authorities. The “Environmentally-smart Food Choices” recommend eating meat less often and in smaller quantities and to try to exchange one or two meat dishes a week against vegetarian meals or decrease the quantity of meat.

Furthermore, various facts on the environmental impact of different foods are listed in the document, and health aspects related to different foodstuff. A daily intake and the consequences of over-consumption are also mentioned, Eur Activ reports. Some of the recommendations are to eat seasonal, locally-produced fruits, vegetables and berries, to avoid bottled water, soda and palm oil and to limit rice consumption. The Swedish authorities are the first in Europe to develop such recommendations. The recommendations will be sent out to other EU countries to receive reactions before being released.




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