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Consumers are likely to hold steady and maintain natural and organic grocery purchasing in 2009, according to a recent study by Mambo Sprouts Marketing, which surveyed the buying habits of more than 1,000 natural and organic consumers and their outlook for purchasing for the coming year. Consumers remained committed to natural and organic product purchasing in 2009, with 8 in 10 reporting no plans to change or only changing their habits somewhat. Only one in five planned notable adjustments to their natural and organic shopping habits. Still, the study revealed that cost saving activities were on the rise. Consumers were taking a variety of actions including using more grocery coupons (81 %), stocking up more on sale items (73 %), and cooking more meals at home (61 %). One in two were being more selective when buying organics and buying store brand/private label organic products. (Picture: Everybody's)

Price factors were to be ranked higher for 2009 across three categories: sale price, coupon for brand and advertisement or promotion for brand. While consumers would continue to shop for natural and organic groceries at multiple outlets, they planned to shop more at farmer’s markets (31%) and less at gourmet markets (24%). Asked what actions natural product companies and retailers could take to assist with organic purchasing, nine in ten respondents called for more organics coupons and lower prices. About one in two looked for a wider selection of organic products and organic money saving tips. Consumers identified taste (93 %), health/nutrition benefits (89%) and ingredients (87 %) as important factors in brand purchasing decisions. 

Through their online, mail and in-store programs, Mambo Sprouts reaches over 2 million proven natural and organic shoppers quarterly. Go Mambo!, Mambo Sprouts’ mobile promotions van, travels throughout target regions distributing product samples and coupons at major events and festivals. Web marketing includes natural product instant e-coupons, sample offer promotions, and a monthly health e-newsletter, for example.

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