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African specialities from Voodoofood

by Redaktion (comments: 0)

24 years ago, Dodo Liadé (picture), political scientist, scholar, cook book author and spice blender, came from the West African Ivory Coast to Germany. He was one of 16 brothers and sisters, the son of a cocoa farmer and, even as a child, interested in cooking. Today he is a wholefood manufacturer who entertains and instructs students at various cookery colleges in Munich, Ulm and Regensburg.

Liadé studied the humanities in Paris, Göttingen and Munich. With a doctorate in political science, he lives today as a freelancer in Tutzing on the Starnberger See (Germany). He is constantly creating new blends of spices – he currently has 14 – which he markets with various sauces (for example, peanut, mango, papaya and the chocolate sauce called Mahi’s SchokoLust) under the name Voodoofood. Founding his own company in 2009 was for him the fulfilment of a dream. In the language of the Fon people in Benin, voodoo means god or spirit. But for Liadé his food is much more: "Magic – definitely positive magic," he confesses. "Food is an essential element for our organism. It provides energy, has the power to revitalise our cells and influences many functions of our body. Food ensures that we stay alive. Eating determines not only the physical but also the mental condition of a human being,” this inspirational cook explains.

This is the reason why he regards producing and processing food with the utmost care as very important. "With enthusiasm and conviction, we develop and produce food that is healthy, that our customers like and that makes them happy," is how the 59-year-old sees his mission. "We started with six spice blends and a ginger paste. Today, the Voodoo food range consists of 30 articles," Liadé explains. All the products are made in Germany and they comply fully with all the organic criteria. With his range, Dodo Liadé would like to “present the culinary world of Africa".  An African proverb states: He who wants to walk faster walks alone. If you want to go a long way, you stay in a group. "At Voodoofood, we’ve opted for ‘going a long way’, with and for our customers!"

As well as tomato jam, Voodoofood offers a ginger spread about which is said: "Ginger is not only a spice but also a valuable remedy. It’s a little portable pharmacy as well – it helps in the case of travel sickness and vomiting.” The products of Voodoofood have been listed by Claus/Pural since June 2014 and are readily available by order in Germany and France.



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