Ban on animal cloning for food production

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The Commission suggests a ban of animal cloning and import of cloned animals and their products (with a clause for a review after 5 years which might lift the ban) in a report on animal cloning for food production published on 19 October 2010. The IFOAM EU Group has joined other NGOs to call for a full ban on cloning of animals for food production, on the import and sale of imported food products from cloned animals and their offsprings as well as on the import of semen and embryos of cloned animals.

The Group expressed this position in a letter to MEP Kartika Tamara Liotard, rapporteur for the Novel Foods Regulation. The European Parliament stays firm on the position to ban sale of food not only from clones themselves, but also from their offsprings and further descendents. In the framework of the Novel Foods Regulation dossier (including also the controversial issue of nanotechnologies), informal "trilogue" meetings between the Parliament, the Council and the Commission have started as a step towards formal negotiations. More information on the IFOAM EU Group's position on animal cloning is avilable at IFOAM EU – positions on animal cloning.

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