Ekoagros, an organic agriculture certification body in Lithuania

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Ekoagros, an organic agriculture certification body in Lithuania, completed certification process of all owned and leased farmland areas, a total of about 23,5 thousand hectares and livestock of Agrowill Group, AB as organic.

Agrowill Group is a Lithuanian agricultural company, which produces cereals, milk and leases land. In 2009 Agrowill Group was recognized as the biggest private agricultural company in Europe. Following the certification, the Group is eligible to receive payments by preliminary calculations around 4 million euros (4.37 million dollars), for organic farming which, in accordance with the European Union and national rules, are used to compensate any harvest reductions due to the non-use of chemical fertilizers and additives in protection products.

Agrowill Group follows the rules of organic farming since mid-June of this year. Under the existing procedure, however, in 2016 production will yet be regarded as production of the transitional period, which takes 2 years in total, while the production of 2017 will be fully organic.




Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania


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