El Corte Inglés: First Biosphere has opened in Valencia

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With organics a growth industry in Spain worth an estimated €1bn a year, El Corte Inglés has developed the in-store Biosphere. According to, the retailer will demonstrate to customers  the expansion of its organic offering  and thereby make it a stronger player in the market.

The company launched the first Biosphere in Valencia, and another 19 are to follow in major cities. With a vast array of fresh fruit, vegetables and dairy among the more than 1,500 organic product lines (all with organic certification), the store relies on local suppliers and, according to the information supplied by the company, thus supports regional production.

With the retailer offering such an extensive assortment of organic products, soon to include its own El Corte Inglés Bio label, specialists are on hand to advise customers on organics and the whole product range.



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