EU Agricultural policy: citizens can submit proposals

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EU Commissioner for agriculture, Phil Hogan, has launched a survey to find out the opinions of citizens on the future of EU agricultural policy after 2020. By the beginning of May all people living in the EU can register their views on how the current approximately 60 billion euros  that subsidise agriculture, 40 % of the budget of the EU, should be distributed in the future.

Phil Hogan EU Commissionar

Picture: Phil Hogan EU Commissionar

The results of the survey will be incorporated in the proposals for the future development of  EU agricultural policy that Hogan has to present at the end of 2017. The Naturschutzbund (NABU) welcomes the online survey: “We're calling for a fundamental change of direction in agricultural and food policy. The prevailing system distributes money according to the land area of farms and not according to performance in terms of the protection of nature and animal welfare,” says NABU President Olaf Tschimpke. In his view, this has catastrophic consequences. Agriculture is becoming increasingly intensive, species are dying and groundwater is being heavily polluted in places by nitrates. “We need a new support principle – one that makes public funds dependent on specific performance by farmers, above all in protecting the environment and nature.”

“Agriculture in the EU needs more than a cosmetic reform. If we don't make a big effort and get it right this time, we risk species and insects dying out,” Tschimpke added. And the farmers themselves could in the end be left without any state support at all because subsidies are being increasingly regarded as unacceptable. “It's high time we had an inclusive discussion about the future of agricultural subsidies across the whole of society.”  

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Can you please advise the deadline for survey submissions?

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