EU: “Ban Glyphosate” European Citizens' Initiative registered

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The European Citizens Initiative (ECI)  Ban Glyphosate EU  will be formally registered on 25 January by the European Commission. The objective is „to propose to Member States a ban on glyphosate, to reform the pesticide approval procedure, and to set EU-wide mandatory reduction targets for pesticide use".

Collection of one million signatures

With this registration a one-year process of collection of signatures will start. An ECI must be signed by at least one million EU citizens with minimum thresholds reached in at least seven member states. Should the ECI receive one million statements of support within one year, the Commission will have to react within three months. The Commission can decide either to follow the request or not follow the request and in both instances would be required to explain its reasoning, explains the ECI.

NGOs like Greenpeace, Campact, Pesticide Action Network Europe or Global 2000 support the initiative to spread the word and gather signatures. More initiatives are welcome. “Glyphosate is one of Europe’s most widely used pesticides, and its negative impacts on the environment and biodiversity are clearly documented. In addition, expanding scientific evidence demonstrates that glyphosate is also a serious threat to human health. EU Regulation 1107/2009 prohibits the use of pesticides when there is sufficient evidence in laboratory animals that these substances can cause cancer, based on IARC [International Agency for Research of Cancer] criteria. Therefore EU approval for glyphosate must be withdrawn", says the ECI.






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