EU organic law: trialogue continues under the leadership of Malta

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After a three-month break, the negotiations on the revision of the EU Eco-Regulation under the Maltese Presidency of the Council continue today. The Member States have reworked their bargaining position and want to continue the trialogue with the EU Parliament and Commission on this basis. The German Minister of Agriculture, Christian Schmidt, has also contributed to this with his vote. But he is opposite to the decision of the Germam Federal States and other European Member States.

Member States did not wish to issue a mandate for the continuation of the trilogue to Malta, explains the German organic umbrella organization BÖLW. With his vote Schmidt thus also ignored the desire of the federal states, which had asked the Confederation in January to stop negotiations and to continue developing the EU Eco Regulation on the basis of the existing regulation.

The EU Eco-Regulation is the legal framework for more than 400,000 organic companies in Europe. With a growth rate of 12.6 percent (2015) to a valiue of almost 30 billion euros. The sector is one of the top growth sectors in Europe. Minister Schmidt has repeatedly asserted that he will only vote for a new EU Eco Regulation that is better than the existing one.





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