FederBio: Italian integrity platform handed to certifiers

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The logo of the Italian organization FederBio

Four years ago, the Italian organic and biodynamic umbrella organization FederBio, Intact (providing Ecert® integrity management solutions) and Organic Services (responsible for Check Organic) made their choice to combat grain scandals causing economic loss and do harm to Italian organic brand.

At the moment, the mass balance system encompasses registrations of about 63,000 farms. Despite the fact, that the registration of harvest was still voluntary in 2016, a great number of approximately 600,000 tonnes was registered through real-time transactions – which makes up around 66 per cent of the total number of organic grains produced in Italy. Up to now, more than 200 traders and processors are registered. As a result, each partner involved shows and gains integrity at a minimal spending – this makes the platform highly attractive to the whole sector.

The source for the certification data is the organic database Databio provided by the Italian Accreditor Accredia. This database is used by all ten organic certifiers in order to enter data that are made available on the platform in real-time.

Recently renamed from FIP, as the platform was taken over by a network company of the organic certification bodies from FederBio, Check Organic is a tool that is utilized to run the OIP, Organic Integrity Database. ‘Extra Virgin Olive Oil’ will be integrated by Organic Services, a contractual partner of OIP, by October 2017.

After the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Forests (MIPAFF) has endorsed the platform, the OIP is compulsory since 1st of January 2017.

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