Germany: more organic products in discounters

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Aldi Nord Logo According to GfK market research, 95 per cent of all German households bought at least one organic product in 2017. Organic Products are available in all marketing channels. Discounter Aldi expanded its organic range over the years and has set itself ambitious sales targets in the organic segment for the coming years.

Discounter Aldi will continuously expand its organic range to around 350 (Aldi Nord) by the end of the year and to around 300 from now 240 at Aldi Süd. Compared to the 100% range of the organic specialist trade of 3000 to over 10,000 products, the Aldi range is tiny but in terms of sales, the discounter is the market leader in organic sales, according to GfK data.

Organic at Aldi Nord

Since 2008 Aldi Nord has been offering products from organic production under its own brand "GutBio". According to GfK data, Aldi Nord is currently the leading food retailer in the sales region with a market share of around 14% the organic segment. Aldi intends to further expand this position in the coming years, says the enterprise.

Aldi Süd Logo

Organic at Aldi Süd

Since 2006 Aldi Süd has been offering a selection of organic products. In 2015, organic products accounted for 5.6 percent of food sales with private labels, and by 2016 this figure had already risen to 6.5 percent. According to GfK data, Aldi Süd is the market leader in sales of organic products in its own sales region with 12%. Aldi has set itself ambitious sales targets in the organic segment for the coming years.





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