Germany: organic sales have grown in the first two quarters of 2017

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German customers have spent more money on fresh organic food in 2017
The sales of organic food in Germany has grown in the first half of 2017

During the first half of 2017, German households have bought more organic food items again. German customers have spent a total of 7.5 per cent more money on fresh organic groceries. Even the amount of sold products in general has grown by 6.1 per cent. Thus, the prices for organic food products has risen slightly. Similar to last year’s development, the overall composition of the product range has changed and, within some product groups, higher-value varieties have been on offer.

Like in 2016, the greatest growth drivers have been the full-range-traders from the food retail market with a plus in sales of 11.5 per cent. However, only fresh and selected processed products like bread, soy milk and butter have been taken into consideration.




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