How Bonduelle’s organic produce travels worldwide

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Bonduelle announced it will extend its offer of organic canned vegetables with seven new products, which will be available among others in the Netherlands, Germany and Sweden, Agro Media announced . This decision has been made in order to meet growing consumer demand. But since private consumers are not the only ones demanding organic vegetables, the Bonduelle Food Service will respond to Nordic restaurant managers with the launch of "Easy bag organic pulses", which are dry organic frozen vegetables. All Bonduelle’s ranges are, however, local and their organic products follow the regulations of Agriculture Ecologiquement Intensive (AEI) (French for: Sustainable Intensive Agriculture). The association was created during the Grenelle Environment Forum in August 2008. It's concerned with developing agriculture, capable of facing demanding production needs, while remaining compatible with human health and a natural balance of ecosystems.

But the French brand doesn’t stop its new expansion at the European borders. Bonduelle is currently developing a new range of frozen food and canned products, both organic. The produce will be grown in North America by farmers who have been approved by independent organic certification agencies. Among these, Pro-CeCanadian Organic will verify the authenticity of commodities. Organic Canadian Produce will be able to cross the border since their standards have been approved by the US Department of Agriculture (USDA).

The organic canned products will be an innovation on US soil. For Just Food, a Bonduelle spokesperson said: “In North America, we already sell organic vegetables to our customers, but under frozen technology and not the canned variety”.




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