Ireland: the possibility of becoming a GMO-free country

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As being an island, Ireland should work towards becoming a GMO-free country in order to maintain biodiversity and to provide a wide selection of seeds for potential international food crisis, says the Irish Minister of State for Agriculture, Andrew Doyle. However, Doyle also explains that his view contradicts the position of the semi-state Agriculture and Food Development Authority called Teagasc, which has been involved in GM research.

In order to achieve the possible constitution of an Irish seed bank for crops like oats, barley and wheat, the Irish state would have to cooperate with its neighbor Northern Ireland – probably through the Ministerial Council. Doyle points out that for islands such as Ireland and Northern Ireland, the isolation of crops is much easier as possible cross-contamination with non GMO-free crops from other continental countries is reduced to a minimum.

Even though, Doyle sees significant benefits in Ireland becoming a GMO-free country, he does not assume that organic is going to be mainstream in Ireland.


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