Organic World Congress: Integrity Software Workshop by Organic Services

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As part of the 19th Organic World Congress, taking place from 9th – 11th of November 2017 in New Delhi, India, Organic Services invites the congress’ participants to a workshop regarding integrity software for grower groups and small, local certifiers. Furthermore, the workshop’s attendees will face the challenges of data management and documentation of (internal) audit as well as certification processes – possible solutions will also be discussed.

Topics of the workshop:

  • The workshop aims to bring together representatives of smallholder groups, certifiers, traders as well as representatives of regulatory bodies.
  • Workshop participants are invited to discuss key challenges of implementing an ICS in Grower Groups as well as the problems faced by small, local certifiers.
  • Participants are invited to learn about two unique integrity tools tailormade for meeting the challenges: Group Integrity for Grower Groups and Ecert Basic for small, local certifiers

The workshop will be presented and chaired by Gerald A. Herrmann, founding Managing Partner at Organic Services GmbH. Please find more information here.




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