Swiss quality strategy association: Invitation to a conference on new breeding methods in Bern

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The “Verein zur Förderung der Qualitätsstrategie der Schweizer Land- und Ernährungswirtschaft“ (Association to support the quality strategy of Swiss agriculture and food economics) invites interested parties to its autumn conference about new methods of plant breeding taking place on the 8th of September 2017 in Bern. Within the scope of the conference, chances and risks for Swiss agriculture and food economics as well as alternatives to new breeding possibilities – which might get classified as ‘genetic engineering’ by the EU and Switzerland – will be discussed. The outcome of the conference shall provide a useful informational basis for further necessary discussions within the agricultural sector.

Taking part at the conference does neither require in-depth knowledge about plant breeding nor about genetic engineering. In order to find further information and to register for the conference visit As the number of seats is limited, please register as soon as possible but not later than 25th of August 2017.





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