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Finland: Record numbers for the organic sector

by Redaktion (comments: 0)

A total of 365 new organic farms have been registered in the organic production control system in Finland this year, more than in any other year during the 2000’s, according to the Finish Food Safety Authority Evira. There are now about 4,300 organic farmers in the country. The area of cultivated organic fields has risen to approx. 205,000 hectares, equal to 9 % of the total cultivated area in Finland. (Picture: organic store in Finland)

The Organic Production Development Programme aims at having a minimum of 20 % of the cultivated area in organic farming by the year 2020. This goal has already been exceeded in the provinces of Ahvenanmaa and Kainuu, and Pohjois-Karjala is only one percentage unit behind. Good market conditions, favourable public attitude towards organic production, and the new European rural development programming period starting in 2014 are believed to all contribute towards increasing organic production. Also, the rising cost of artificial fertilizers and animal feeds, for instance, convince farmers that they should look for more profitable alternatives.

Organic food production and processing is also increasing. The number of organic food producers in the control system grew by 11 % in 2011, and amounted to 487 processors in the year-end 2011. Nearly one hundred new organic food processors have joined the system in 2012; most of these are bakeries and in-store bakeries. The organic food market in Finland grew by 46 % in 2011 and by 23 % from January to June 2012 and is now worth 135 million euros.  



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