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Germany: Vivaness 2013

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Trade buyers find natural cosmetics at the sector’s annual gathering, Vivaness, the trade fair for natural personal care and wellness. The date of the next event is 13 to 16 February 2013. At the past edition of the fair, 204 exhibitors from 26 countries convinced visitors and a total of 2,420 exhibitors presented products to 40,315 trade buyers at the exhibition duo of BioFach and Vivaness 2012. (Picture: Cosmetics novelties at Vivaness 2012)

The variety of products and brands in the natural cosmetics segment has continued to grow strongly in the past years, likewise the global demand for natural cosmetic products. Manufacturers and consumers distinguish less between certified natural cosmetics and naturally inspired cosmetics without certification. Market researchers concerned with the development of the natural cosmetics segment around the world have developed their own criteria for the definition of natural cosmetics. The British market research institute, Organic Monitor of London, estimates the value of the global market for natural cosmetics at some US$9 billion. The internationally operating Kline Group takes a broader view of natural cosmetics and includes more naturally inspired products without certification in the calculations. On this basis, the sector achieved a sales volume of US$25 billion in 2011. The experts are, however, agreed on the positive predictions for the future. Organic Monitor expects average growth rates of 9 % in the coming years and Kline as much as 12 %.  

The reasons for the very good market forecasts include the consumers’ sensitive attitude to pollutants and chemicals in conventional cosmetics and body care products. Other important reasons for buying are environmental protection and sustainability. Consumers are becoming increasingly discriminating. They now want more than just natural ingredients and products without animal tests and expect sustainable all-round solutions: fair conditions for raw material suppliers all over the world, environment-friendly processing and reduction or avoidance of packaging waste. Customers are increasingly aware of their influence on manufacturers. They use forums and social media channels to discuss issues, exchange experiences and recommend products and enter into direct dialogue with manufacturers and so influence today’s product development.

Market expert Elfriede Dambacher of Dortmund (Germany), publisher of the Natural Cosmetics Report, observes a trend towards de-ideologization of natural cosmetics. Women consumers see these as a supplement to the previous range of cosmetics and frequently also accept unconventional concepts that are not 100 % natural cosmetics. This particularly applies in the international context. A new young generation of customers is gaining in importance. They look for their own products tailored to their needs and values and do not want to simply take over the brands of their parents’ generation.





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