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France: top market for cosmetics from nature

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With growth rates of more than 30 % in the past years, the French market for natural cosmetics climbed to some 400 million euros and second place in Europe, NürnbergMesse reports. One of the motherlands of fashion and cosmetics is therefore on the way to becoming established as one of the sector’s top markets. Insiders expect the French natural cosmetics sector, which currently holds a share of about 4 % of the total cosmetics market, to carry on growing rapidly. The success story of natural cosmetics also has historical reasons: Herbal cosmetics have a tradition in France, and the natural cosmetics association Cosmebio was set up back in 2002. (Picture: products of the French natural cosmetics firm Melvita)

Natural cosmetics are obtainable in a wide variety of sales channels and enjoy growing popularity. In terms of sales in the various shopping outlets, the focus shifted from the specialist trade to the mass market between 2009 and 2011. According to a study by Cosmebio, pharmacies, parapharmacies, beauty institutes and the specialist organic trade have lost market shares, whereas the mass market and mail order trade have made definite gains. The French consumers do not make any great distinction between certified organic and naturally inspired cosmetics. Natural cosmetics are not an alternative to the conventional range, but a welcome supplement. Natural cosmetics expert Elfriede Dambacher sees this as one of the most noticeable differences over the German market. The cosmetic industry in France also entered the segment earlier than Germany. The French cosmetics sector has acquired expertise, brands and a green image over the past years through acquisitions of classic natural cosmetic firms. In this way, organic lines have been created by the large international companies alongside the pioneering natural cosmetic brands.





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