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Organic exports from Denmark set new record

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Organic companies from Denmark exported organics worth DKK1,038m (equal to 139m euros) in 2011 - an increase of 21 % on 2010, Statistics Denmark has revealed. This puts Danish organic exports at a record level for the sixth consecutive year. Exports have quadrupled in the past six years. "The potential for the export of Danish organic products is really great. Danish organic producers are able to develop international products and also adapt successful Danish products, so they also become international. This is the key to good export results, "says Klaus Bentzen, Export Manager at Organic Denmark, the national association of organic businesses, consumers and farmers. (Picture: Organic Denmark at a previous edition of BioFach)

The three most important product groups for export - meat, dairy products and fruit and vegetables - accounted for 75 % of total exports. Export of fruits and vegetables have doubled from 2009 to 2011, and the European market accounts for 90 % of exported fruit and vegetables. "Highly processed organic products like butter and cheese have a great potential, "Klaus Bentzen believes. Thise Dairy, for example, is currently very successful with organic specialty cheeses on the German market. Ørbæk Brewery is successful with exports of organic juices, soft drinks and smoothies on both near and distant export markets. "Exports have been growing steadily for several years, and we expect that they will grow further", says Director Niels Romer, who believes that the reason for export success is the company's level of innovation and its participation in various fairs, such as BioFach.

In recent years, Organic Denmark has been combining organic enterprises in a number of major joint export promotions, especially in Germany and Sweden (picture). The association will take part in BioFach 2013 in Nuremberg. Exports to Germany, Sweden, France and the Benelux countries represent 80 % of total exports, and it is these neighboring export markets that have the highest priority. Exports to the biggest market, Germany, alone have tripled in four years.

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