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Norway: organic food sales on the rise

by Redaktion (comments: 0)

Organic food sales in Norway have increased by 11% in 2012 on the previous year, according to figures from the Norwegian Agricultural Authority (SLF). The increase is mainly attributed to organic egg and baby foods, Organic Monitor reports.

The grocery chain Kiwi has reported that its sales of organic foods increased by 55% when a campaign that involved a 15% price reduction of organic foods was launched in mid-October. Sales of organic fruit and vegetables have been particularly successful at the chain. Rema 1000, another retailer in Norway, has also reported that interest in organic foods has increased following price reductions.


According to a study by Norsk Spisefakta 2012 (Norwegian Eating Facts 2012), 18% of Norwegians think it is important to buy organic products. However, organic foods are yet to comprise more than 1% of food sales in the country. Organic Monitor has commented that although healthy growth is occurring, Norway is lagging behind other Nordic countries in terms of organic food production and consumption. The market share of organic products of total food sales is above 5% in Denmark and Sweden, whilst Finland has become a large producer and exporter of organic products.

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