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New Greenpeace report: Bees in Decline

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Greenpeace has released a comprehensive scientific review of the factors that put pollinators and agriculture in Europe at risk. The study highlights the ecological and economic importance of healthy bee populations and stresses the urgent need for the elimination of bee-harming pesticides from agriculture. Such elimination would be a crucial and effective first step to protect the health of bee populations and to safeguard their pollination value that is vital for the ecosystem and food production in Europe, Greenpeace reports.

The dramatic overall global decline in bee populations is the result of multiple factors such as diseases and parasites, climate change and wider industrial agricultural practices. Among the latter, scientific evidence highlights the deadly role of some pesticides, including the mass-killer neonicotinoids. The full Greenpeace Research Laboratories Technical report Bees in decline – a review of factors that put pollinators and agriculture in Europe at risk is available for download on





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