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IFOAM annual report now available

by Redaktion (comments: 0)

The 2012 consolidated annual report of the IFOAM Action Group One Earth, One Future is now available. It is an expression of the association’s dedication to and belief in a fair, just, and organic future. Many hoped that Rio+20 would bring people a step closer to this in 2012, the year of IFOAM’s 40th anniversary.

Although there was some disappointment with the overall outcome of that much-anticipated conference, there was success behind the scenes, IFOAM reports. The organic movement showed that it remains an agent of change and that IFOAM’s work is needed now more than ever. SOAAN (Sustainable Organic Agriculture Action Network) is one example of this, where it was examined how organic agriculture should look in practice.

The celebration of 40 years of IFOAM was also occasion for reflection on the issues discussed and a confirmation of just how strong the common understanding is of what is needed to realize “One Earth, One Future”. The report features a compilation of events, campaigns, and activities, among others, and is available for download here:





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