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Italy: Bioreport 2012

by Redaktion (comments: 0)

INEA (Instituto Nazionale di Economia Agraria – the National Institute of Agricultural Economics in Italy) has published Bioreport 2012. The report – available in English – aims to draw a picture of the state of the Italian organic sector, systematically providing all existing information and data and using qualitative research to examine relevant aspects that are not monitored by official sources, according to the institute. (Picture: NaturaSì in Italy)

The report consists of three basic parts: Overall data on organic farming, policies for organic farming and organization and characteristics of the sector. Created within the scope of the National Rural Network, it is a cooperative effort by various institutions working in the organic sector – in particular MIPAAF, SINAB, ISMEA, INEA, AIAB and Federbio. The full report is available here:




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