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Organic news from the USA

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OTA has published its 2013 Organic Industry Survey - a valuable source for business information pertaining to the organic industry. The survey report found that organic food grew by just over 10% in 2012, compared with 3.7% annual growth for the total food industry. Total sales for organic were US$31.5bn (close to €24bn) in 2012, with 92% in food, and about 8% in non-food categories including fiber, personal care and supplements. (Picture: MOM's Organic Market)

The report provides analysis into dozens of categories and subcategories of organic products. It also describes the sales channel distribution for organic products, and discusses the industry’s current challenges and growth opportunities. 2013 marks the 16th year OTA has compiled data on the size of the organic industry. The report is available for purchase here:

OTA also reports that the USDA’s National Organic Program has posted a list of all operations certified to US organic standards as reported to the agency on 2 January 2013. Included are 25,022 operations throughout the world, of which 17,750 are in the USA. Most US-certified organic operations are on the West Coast, in New England, and the upper Midwest. The overall number of farms and businesses certified to USDA’s organic regulations fell 13% globally during 2012. The decline reflects fewer Canada- and Europe-based USDA-certified operations due to recent equivalency agreements that no longer make maintaining USDA certification necessary for operations there.





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