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Bio Bank Report 2007 published in Italy

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This year’s Bio Bank report shows that the regions Emilia-Romagna, Lombardy and Tuscany hold the supremacy in the organic sector of Italy. Emilia-Romagna is the leader – first place for the number of school canteens and restaurants, second place for organic holiday farms, farm gate sales and organic e-commerce websites, third place for organic farmers’ markets and fourth in specialised shops and purchasing groups. The region is also the only one holding the top five ranking for all the eight categories of organic operators registered by Bio Bank in 2006. The Lombardy stays closely behind on the second place with seven appearances on the list and a leadership for specialised shops, organic farmers’ markets and purchasing groups. The Tuscany appears six times with a leading role for holiday farms and farm gate sales.




Comparison 2004 and 2006 according to Bio Bank


Category 2004 2006
Holiday farms 772 839 +9%
Farm gate sales 1184 1,324 +12%
Purchasing groups 146 288 +97%
Farmers' markets 174 193 +11%
School canteens 608 658 +8%
Restaurants (holiday farm restaurants excluded) 182 177 -3%
Specialised shops 1,030 1,094 +6%
E-commerce websites 81 79 -3%

Bio Bank Censuses


There are 5.500 organic operators in Italy, 1,900 of which are selling directly to consumers.1,324 farm gate sales, 839 organic holiday farms, 193 organic and biodiversity farmers’ markets, 288 purchasing groups, 1,094 specialised shops, 11 organic supermarket brands, 4 online supermarkets, 293 organic restaurants, 15 catering companies, 658 school canteens, 19 organic e-commerce websites, 51 Fair Trade companies, 16 control bodies, 135 organic associations, 26 organic exhibitions and fairs and 179 organic books and magazines were counted by Bio Bank as well.


The report is the heart of Tutto Bio 2007, the Italian organic yearbook by Achille Mingozzi and Rosa Maria Bertino (Picture). This year's key issue was developed unanimously  “Organic, ecological and ethical shopping - three close friends” with the collaboration of the magazines Aam; Altreconomia; Bioagricultura; Carta; La Nuova Ecologia; Mediterraneo; Vita and Vita & Salute. The 13th edition of Tutto Bio opens with the special contribution of the founder of Slow Food, Carlo Petrini. Also included in Tutto Bio 2007 is a Bio Card, which allows a 10% discount at 521 farm gate sales, holiday-farms, restaurants and specialised shops. Tutto Bio 2007 can be ordered directly from Egaf Edizioni srl, Forli or online at Bio Bank.


Bio Bank is an Italian organic, ecological and ethical data base. It was launched in 1993 and has been updated every year, thanks to the cooperation of thousands of operators. Bio Bank observes the development of the sector, documents the changes, elaborates statistics.




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