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Code for Organic Retailing Practice

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The institute equalita has been leading the project Preparing for the Future in the context of the EU program Erasmus+ since September 2014. The results and outputs of the project will be the European concept of the Code of Good Organic Retailing Practice, a curriculum with learning outcomes for training on the code defined according to EQF and NQF requirements, an English pilot e-learning course and seven adapted and translated national versions for all partner countries.(Picture: an organic supermarket in Germany)

The target groups are representatives, managers and staff in the organic retail sector, institutions of adult education, trainers / instructors and teacher trainers, decision-makers in public administration as well as human resource managers in the organic and conventional retail branch. They will profit from the activities and offers based on the project results by adequate training, a higher quality of skills, knowledge and competences of the staff as well as an improved ethical image of the whole business sector.

The partnership consisted of nine institutions. Coordinator of the project is equalita, and partners are the University of Agribusiness and Rural Development in Bulgaria, the Turkish Canakkale Onsekiz Mart UniversityZivy venkov from the Czech Republic, the Agency for Good Communication GmbH (kggk) in Cologne, the University for Applied Science Hamburg, the Dutch association Bionext, the French research and consultancy institute Ecozept and the Institute for Sutainable Development from Slovenia. More information is available here.





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