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Diversification practices reduce organic to conventional yield gap

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A study called Diversification Practices Reduce Organic to Conventional Yield Gap was conducted by the University of California, Berkeley. It is a systematic overview of more than 100 studies comparing organic and conventional farming and finds that the crop yields of organic agriculture are higher than previously thought, IFOAM reports.

Researchers also found that certain practices could further shrink the productivity gap between organic crops and conventional farming. The yields of organic farms, particularly those growing multiple crops, compare well to those of chemically intensive agriculture, according to the analysis. The study was published in the Proceedings of the Royal Society B and can be found here

“In terms of comparing productivity among the two techniques, this paper sets the record straight on the comparison between organic and conventional agriculture,” said the study’s senior author, Claire Kremen, professor of environmental science, policy and management and co-director of the Berkeley Food Institute. “With global food needs predicted to greatly increase in the next 50 years, it’s critical to look more closely at organic farming, because aside from the environmental impacts of industrial agriculture, the ability of synthetic fertilizers to increase crop yields has been declining.”



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