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Romania as BioFach country of the year 2013

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The contract for the Country of the Year at BioFach 2013 was ceremoniously signed in the Romanian capital Bucharest this month. “A country with innumerable facets and a strong agricultural sector presents itself to the international organic sector. The Black Sea country located at the transition zone between Central, Southern and Eastern Europe has possessed one of Europe’s largest areas of agricultural land until this very day – 2.25 % of this is farmed organically. Romania’s organic sector has a lot to offer. Its spectrum of enjoyable products ranges from corn, oilseeds, fruit, berries and honey to herbs and mushrooms. We look forward to welcoming Romania, which has already enhanced the event with locally grown organic products for many years, as Country of the Year at BioFach in 2013,” Claus Rättich, Member of the Management Board of NurnbergMesse explains. (Picture: Mr. Daniel Constantin, Minister for Organic Agriculture and Rural Development to the left and Mr. Claus Rättich to the right)

The number of certified organic farms in Romania trebled to 9,800 between 2010 and 2011, according to information from Bio Romania. Marian Cioceanu, President of the association of organic farm operators, assumes that the number of organic farms, which achieved high growth rates in the past years through state and EU support, will continue to increase rapidly. The number of organic products has also risen - from 3,300 to 10,000 in the past two years. According to Bio Romania, organic goods worth about 200 million euros were exported in 2011. A year before this, Romania had already secured a place among the Top 20 international organic export nations. There are also encouraging trends in the domestic market, which is registering annual growth of some 20 %. 




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