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Anti-GMO March and Protest Movement against Monsanto

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On the 21st of May 2016, people all over the world will once again unite, in numerous cities, to protest Monsanto’s aggressive attempts to force genetically modified organisms, or GMOs, and their chemical Herbicides. South African consumers and farmers will also gather to protest, announces Global Research

The March Against Monsanto, is a part of a global, mass, pro-organic, anti-transgenic GMO campaign being held in over 500 cities worldwide in a bid to spread awareness about the harmful effects of genetically-modified foods, the toxic chemical herbicides that are used with them and the monopoly and ownership of our seeds,  to demand the right to natural medicines and to support and promote small and organic farmers and local food webs.

U.S. Agrochemical giant, Monsanto is the world’s largest agricultural seed company, owning a massive share of the global seed market. Monsanto operates in 80 countries, including 9 African countries. Furthermore, Monsanto controls 60% of that glyphosate market in South Africa.  Its highly toxic herbicide – Roundup® – is used extensively on our food crops and is imposed on farmers who forfeit any right to compensation, in the event of crop failure, if not using Monsanto’s Roundup® brand of glyphosate.

In recent Nation Wide protests communities, concerned citizens and environmental activists questioned the selling of Roundup in family stores, without sufficient warning labels or age restrictions, calling for its removal from the shelves.


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