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Global scientists in call for action on farm antibiotic use

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The Alliance to Save Our Antibiotics welcomes a new Lancet Infectious Diseases report Antibiotic resistance – the need for global solutions by 26 leading international scientists, calling for immediate action to be taken in human and veterinary medicine to deal with the growing crisis of antibiotic-resistance (Laxminarayan et al., 2013. Antibiotic resistance – the need for global solutions, Lancet Infectious Diseases, 17 November 2013).

The startling new report highlights for the first time the link between the overuse of antibiotics in agriculture and the bigger issue of overuse in human health. It shows that any increase in antibiotic resistance in farm animals is likely to spread to humans, and will also impact negatively on animal welfare, leaving some diseases without adequate treatment. This may ultimately impact on farm productivity and food security. This is the first international report of its kind to recommend action including the phasing out of routine preventative use of antibiotics, a call for change in animal husbandry and the ‘development of health-orientated systems for rearing of animals’ which do not rely on high levels of antibiotic use, the Soil Association reports. The full article is available here: Soil Association



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