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New field study links pesticides to bee decline

by Redaktion (comments: 0)

New research links common crop pesticides to the serious decline in honey bee numbers in the UK and in the USA. This was the first research that was carried out in realistic, open-air conditions. According to Professor Goulson from Scotland, the leader of one of the research teams, trivial effects have been found in laboratory and greenhouse experiments earlier, but it is now shown that those can be translated into big effects in the field.

The number of bees has massively declined in the last 25 years, The Guardian reports. Pesticides, a certain mite and other parasites and destruction of the flower-rich habitats have been suspected to be responsible for the huge decline. It was found that bees consuming one pesticide have suffered a 85 % loss in the number of queens, and that the number of bees failing to return to their nest has doubled. Pesticide manufacturers deny neonicotinoids to cause significant problems, but various countries have suspended key insecticides over such fears. More information is available here .




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