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BioFach India: buyers program and excursions

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Organic Market in Bangalore

Along with BioFach India - India Organic (BIIO) from 10 - 12 November 2016 in Delhi, again a buyer´s program and purchasing trip for organic stakeholders is offered by the International Competence Center of Organic Agriculture ICCOA. together with BIIO - as in the past three years!
Do you import from India already and want to learn more about developments in the organic sector and discover new sources? Are you interested in the diverse supply of raw materials in the country and want to find new contacts at BioFach and then visit organic projects?

BIIO 2015
The Indian organic umbrella organization ICCOA will organise  a buyers program:
- hotel and trade fair with match-making service in the Buyers Lounge and
- a sightseeing program and excursions to organic farming projects.

Three packages are planned:
4 - 5 Days: BioFach and short sightseeing program Delhi
6 - 8 Days: BioFach, sightseeing program (for example, Delhi and Taj Mahal) project (choice)
8 to 10 Days: BioFach, sightseeing program and project visits in the Himalaya region

tea garden in Kerala
Contact person for those who are interested in Europe/U.S:
Karin Heinze (journalist,





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