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Brexit: IFOAM EU emphasises organic European union

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Brexit is reality since last week. asked IFOAM EU for a statement:

IFOAM EU is an inclusive European organisation with members from the EU, EFTA and beyond, and we are therefore disappointed with the results of the Brexit vote. We believe that a common approach to policy and regulation better supports the needed transformation of the food and farming system and the development of the organic principles of health, fairness, care and ecology" IFOAM EU stated.

"As shown by the current discussions, the United Kingdom will still continue to be affected by EU legislation and all British organic producers, traders and processors wishing to trade with the EU will in all likelihood have to apply the EU organic legislation. We will therefore continue to work closely with our members throughout Europe, including the United Kingdom, as a united organic movement in Europe to develop organic and contribute to solutions to today’s societal challenges that know no borders", says IFOAM EU.



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