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Brexit: imports of Fairtrade products continue to be duty free

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brexitThe Fairtrade Foundation is relieved that the British government has promised that Fairtrade products can be imported duty free after Britain has left the EU.

Britain is a country where Fairtrade products are very popular and, in consequence, the exporting of bananas, coffee, cocoa etc. to Britain is a mainstay for many Fairtrade producers.  Imposing import duties after Brexit would have created big problems for many farmers or even cost them, their livelihood.

 A campaign by the Fairtrade Foundation persuaded the government to shift its position. A petition with 50,000 signatures was sent to the Prime Minister, 5,000 Emails to the Members of Parliament and 38,000 emails from Faitrade, Tradecraft and Global Citizen supporters to the Minister for International Trade, Liam Fox. The Fairtrade Foundation has now announced that the government has confirmed that Fairtrade imports will not be subject to import duty, tariffs or quotas.



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