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Cork 2.0 declaration: Strong political commitment on public goods payments needed to turn words into reality

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On the 7th september, the Declaration oh the future EU Rural Development was proposed at the Cork Conference on Rural Development. The policy wants to take another advance to deal with several challenges in rural areas.

As the IFOAM states, the organic movement welcomes the new policy and urges the EU to turn their affirmations into reality. EU leaders should work on fundamental chance in the existing policy.

Thomas Fertl, IFOAM EU Board Member said: “Ongoing price volatility facing European farmers shows that the existing approach of EU policies to align agriculture practice with globalized markets is not a solution for supporting rural viability. To truly confront the multiple challenges facing rural areas, there must be recognition of the value agriculture can deliver to communities, such as jobs, biodiversity, soil and water quality. Concretely moving in this direction would work both in the interests of farmers and rural dwellers, and in the end taxpayers.”





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