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Ecocide must be punishable

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Tribunals are being launched because of serious crimes to accuse and punish crimes against humanity. The Monsanto Tribunal and the People's Assembly has taken place in The Hague from 14 to 16 October.

 The German consumer magazine for organic food "Schrot&Korn" reported live, captured the mood, talked to initiators, victims, judges and committed participants and let you participate in this unique event.

Vandana Shiva arrives at  the People´s Assemly

After three intense days, the Monsanto Tribunal and the People's Assembly came to an end yesterday afternoon in 
The Hague. The hearing of 24 witnesses and the plea of the lawyers were followed by an audience from all over the world and by livestream.

Six complex legal issues and the extent to which the US company Monsanto has violated international law in this regard should be clarified. For the international body of judges (the tribunal) it was necessary to collect the statements, in order to make a recommendation in the following. The aim is to include ecocide as an element of 
international law in order to be able to prosecute and penalize appropriate offenses.




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