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EU: no majority for or against approval of GM maize

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The EU-Standing Committee on Plants, Animals, Food and Feed, made up of experts from the governments of the Member States, has delivered its opinion on the approval for cultivation of several GM maize varieties last week.

The EU Commission had submitted to the Committee the renewal of the authorization for the cultivation of the GM maize Monsanto Mon810 and the new approval of Syngenta BT11, as well as TC1507 from Dupont. There was no qualified majority for admission or prohibition. The decision now goes back to the European Commission

Green MEP Bart Staes commented: “This vote is a clear disavowal of the Commission proposals, but also a sign that Member States are not taking their responsibilities seriously when it comes to GMOs. Two of the biggest Member States, Germany and Italy, which both banned GM maize on their own territory, failed to vote against the GM maize, showing a remarkable lack of consistency." And he continues: "We are talking of cultivating new GMOs in our soils - this is not a harmless decision. Coherence between words and actions should dictate that the Commission now withdraw these drafts completely, or at least until a new procedure is put in place.”

The result of the votes was as follows:

MON 810

In favour CZ, EE, ES, IT, LT, NL, RO, FI, SV, UK 10 EM, 47,02 %

Abstention BE, DE, HR, MT, PT, SK 6 EM, 22,28%

Against BG, DK, IE, EL, FR, CY, LV, LU, HU, AT, PL, SL, 12 EM, 30,7 %

1507 and Bt 11

In favour EE, ES, IT, LT, NL, RO, FI, UK 8 EM, 33,02 %

Abstentions BE, CZ, DE, HR, MT, PT, SK 7 EM, 24,31%

Against BG, DK, IE, EL, FR, CY, LV, LU, HU, AT, PL, SL, SV 13 EM, 32,68%



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