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European supermarkets increase the offer of organic products

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Albert Heijn supermarket, Netherlands
Albert Heijn supermarket, Netherlands

Organic, responsible and sustainable products have come a great way during the past year. More supermarkets around the world has embraced organic culture and added sustainable products to their shelves.

International Supermarket News explains that Albert Heijn, the biggest Dutch supermarket chain, came early this year with AH organic. The range was expanded with 120 new organic products. Jumbo introduced the private brand line BIO logical. These products branded together accounted for nearly 60 percent of market share. Aldi , the German low price supermarket chain, also could not stay behind: the discounter has recently been very active in the organic field. The chain added many new organic bread products. The company announced that they aim in long term for a completely sustainable fish assortment. Also, they launched a new sustainable fish species during the previous summer.

The bio-products in supermarkets grow the most in the categories of bread, pastry and pasta, dry groceries, eggs and meat, according BIONEXT. Organic Stores, benefited from the direct competition from supermarkets, as the former got more customers who shopped for organic and responsible products. Once sold exclusively through organic shops, the sustainable products are now being sold through normal supermarkets and discount stores. A 2014 US Department of Agriculture report says that almost three out of four traditional grocery stores now carry organic goods. Another report says that almost eighty percent of US households now buy organic stuff. Organic Trade Association OTA reports that the sales of organic products, both food and nonfood stuff valued at nearly $40 billion in 2014 in US.






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