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Fairtrade: German GEPA looks back to a positive year 2017

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GEPA, German Fair trade pioneer, logo
GEPA, German Fair trade pioneer, logo

The fair trade pioneer GEPA continued its stable development in 2017 with wholesale sales of 72.4 million euros (minus 1.9 %). Consumers bought the company's products for around 114 million euros (sales at retail prices.

"Despite the start-up phase of a new merchandise management system, as a result of which products could temporarily not be delivered at the usual speed, sales in the important core sales organization in Germany were maintained at the previous year's level overall," explained Matthias Kroth, CFO. "Declines are mainly attributable to the less relevant foreign business. For 2018, there will be increases in core sales and also abroad compared to last year". With the new system, GEPA has positioned itself for future-oriented sales growth. Ten years ago, the Fair Trade company inaugurated its new building.

Added value: 47 products made from 100 percent origin

"Fair has always been more," said GEPA Managing Director Brand and Sales, Peter Schaumberger. "The fair trade movement in Germany began 43 years ago with the founding of GEPA to change the one-sided raw material and price differentials to the disadvantage of the countries in the South towards more added value. Thanks to the multiple commitment of world shops, action groups and critical consumers, the demands for fairness, justice and value creation in trade relations are no longer a foreign word.

The first tea packaged in its origin came from GEPA as early as 1975, as did the first coffee roasted and packaged in the country of origin more than 22 years ago. "We are pleased to offer 47 fair food products that are 100% processed in the country of origin. Because value creation is a core topic of GEPA at its origin, we would like to strengthen our commitment here even more in the future," says the GEPA Managing Director.

Positive response to new products

The "Taste Fair Africa" range of organic coffees and organic chocolates from African trading partners was launched and has met with a positive response from consumers. The long-standing theme of GEPA and Fair Trade of increasing value creation in global supply chains in the countries of origin is also very topical today.


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