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German beverage producer Voelkel wins court case against Eckes-Granini

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bioC by Voelkel
bioC from Voelkel (here in two bottle variants) was the subject of a dispute in court. © Voelkel

Voelkel, a German health food juice producer, has successfully prevailed against the Eckes-Granini Group. The international company wanted to prevent Voelkel from selling the product bioC with the planned label layout. Voelkel fought Eckes-Granini in court for almost a year and was now proved right.

Eckes-Granini saw bioC as an imitation of hohes C Plus

In autumn 2017, Voelkel launched four new products under the bioC brand name, which has existed since 2011. Eckes-Granini saw the design of the products as an unacceptable imitation of its hohes C Plus range. The colour design, fruit illustrations and the shape of the bottle were criticized. Shortly before Biofach 2018, Eckes-Granini initially obtained an injunction against Voelkel. As a result, Voelkel had to alter the layout. The bottles that had already been filled could not be circulated for the time being. In response to Voelkel's appeal, the Regional Court of Cologne reversed the temporary injunction. Eckes-Granini appealed this decision. Recently, Eckes-Granini withdrew its appeal at an oral hearing.






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