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Germany: Munich Environmental Institute lodges disciplinary complaint against BfR-President

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The German Federal Institute for risk assessment is accused of having copied passages of Monsanto's proposal for a re-authorization of glyphosate. (Photo © Pixabay)

As the inconsistencies concerning the evaluation of the pesticide glyphosate are having serious repercussions, the Munich Environmental Institute (MEI) filed a disciplinary complaint against the President of the German Federal Institute for risk assessment (BfR), Prof Dr Dr Andreas Hensel. The immediate reason for this reaction is an expert assessment by plagiarism investigator Dr Stefan Weber, confirming the suspicion that the BfR has copied considerable parts of its health risk evaluation of glyphosate directly from the proposal of producer Monsanto.

The MEI demands a complete clarification of the scandals regarding the re-authorization process of glyphosate. Beyond that, the institute urges Hensel to take appropriate action in resigning from his office in order to clear the way for a new beginning.




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