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Global Organic Textile Standard Revision 5.0

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The revision process of GOTS Version 4.0 has commenced announced the Certifiers Council meeting in February 2016, a first revision draft for GOTS Version 5.0 has now been released to stakeholders for their inputs and comments, beginning in April 2016.

23 External Stakeholders, 18 Approved Certifiers and 4 constituent organisations are requested to submit their contributions to the GOTS Technical Committee through a revision blog. GOTS has invited a wide range of stakeholder inputs on all aspects of the standard to make it more cohesive, inclusive and up-to-date. A list of the selected stakeholders is available on the GOTS website.

Other parties interested in contributing have been requested to channel their comments through one of the participating organisations (Advisory Council members, certifier or invited stakeholder).
 Inputs will be accepted until June 6, 2016 with an extended period until June 21, 2016 for providing comments on received contributions.

The GOTS Technical Committee, coordinated by Director Standards Development & Quality Assurance, Rahul Bhajekar, will assess all contributions and comments, and will consult further (external) experts if needed.
A second revision draft for final comments to the observations provided by the Technical Committee is expected to be released on the Revision Blog in September 2016.

The GOTS newsletter also announced that the GOTS 2015 Annual Report is released. Growth continues - more than 1.000.000 people work in GOTS certified facilities worldwide.

The Report 2015 is documenting the development, implementation, verification, and promotion of GOTS in 2015.



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