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IFOAM EU: aims of the 11th European Organic Congress

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10th IFOAM EU Organic Congress in Driebergen, Netherlands

10th IFOAM EU Organic Congress in Driebergen, Netherlands

The 11th European Organic Congress takes place in the Estonian capital Tallinn from 5 -7 September 2017. IFOAM EU Group has a clear agenda what they want for organic in Europe by 2030.

According to IFOAM EU Group, organizer of the Congress by 2030, the European organic movement aims to:

    •    Organic on every table: The contribution of organic to sustainable food systems is recognized by policy-makers and citizens and is matched with a growing land share & supply of organic products.

    •    Improve - Inspire - Deliver: Organic food and farming systems are resilient and continuously improving their performance, and they inspire a positive change in our knowledge systems and diets.

    •    Fair play - Fair pay: Value and power are fairly distributed among all the operators in the supply chain, and that the costs and benefits of food production are accounted for.

In Estonia, there will be a look at different initiatives already happening throughout Europe that demonstrate how policymakers and stakeholders already work together to inspire others. The 11th European Organic Congress will discuss the Roadmap to Vision 2030. The organic and sustainable food movement will share initiatives that are and will be transforming our food and farming systems.

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Consult the full programme and the excursion programme on the Congress website.
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