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India: ICCOA offers organic workshop on Organic Agri-preneurship

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The Greenpath Organic State in Bangalore International Competence Center for Organic Agriculture ICCOA in partnership with The Green Path Organic State (picture) announced a 3 day workshop on "Organic Agri-preneurship: Leadership – Organic Integrity – Best Practices" in Bangalore. The workshop wikll be held on 28-30th July 2016

The sessions will be conducted by renowned experts/leaders from organic sector. The training will help participant to identify key aspects critical to becoming a successful leader and to learn the continuous improvement and innovation in fostering organic growth.

Methods of learning/ Workshop tools:

The workshop is uniquely designed to ensure larger interactive sessions. It is not a classic classroom model explains ICCOA.This workshop draws learning from IFOAM’s Organic Leadership Courses that are conducted worldwide eg: Europe, South Africa, India, Sri Lanka, South Korea, Philippines etc. Learning network includes Group workshop, Break-out sessions, Fish-bowl, Reflections and other interesting models. This program is originally a six months course with 15-18 class-room sessions, but in the interest of time topics are condensed into a 03 day module. It also draws and combines experience from ICCOA’s ‘Organic Agri-preneurship workshops’ successfully conducted in Bangalore in 2013 and 2014.

Key benefits:

The various sessions will aid in gaining a deeper understanding of what agri-preneurship and leadership is, in evaluating and overcoming leadership challenges and building winning teams.

Why should you attend:

  • Keep abreast with latest trends and advancement
  • Strengthening the business through enhanced knowledge
  • Developing a road map for the future of your Company/ Organization
  • Networking with like-minded others!

Who will you meet:

  • Entrepreneurs, CEOs, Business leaders, Heads/ Senior Managers

Registration Cost: INR 7500 for 03 days (including Organic Buffet lunch for 03 days+ 01 Networking Dinner.

It is our pleasure to cordially invite you to participate in this intensive and interactive workshop.

Venue: The Green Path Organic State, Rajeev Gandhi Circle, Bangalore





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