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Ireland: organic market grows by nearly 24 %

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As the German Agricultural Market Information Company (Deutsche Agrarmarkt Informationsgesellschaft - AMI) reports, in 2016 the Irish organic market grew by 23.7 % compared with the year before.

According to the Kantar trade panel, organic turnover in 2016 was €142m. In 2015 growth was around 6 %. The top sellers continue to be organic vegetables, fruit and  yogurt. Compared with 2015, the market for organic vegetables grew in 2016 by €5.6m to over €34m, organic yogurt by €3.5m to €27.5m and organic fruit by nearly €2m.

These figures were revealed at the National Organic Awards, conferred by the organisation Bord Bia every two years in Dublin. According to the research carried out by Bord Bia, nearly 94 % of Irish consumers already buy organic products on average at least once every two weeks.





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