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Monsanto Tribunal and People’s Assembly

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The Indian seedsaving organisation Navdanya, founded by Vandhana Shiva, is co-organizing the Monsanto Tribunal and a People’s Assembly for the future of food, the future of the planet from 14th-16th October 2016 at The Hague. The Monsanto Tribunal will hold Monsanto and co. accountable for their crimes against humanity, human rights violations and ecocide, no matter what name and form they morph into. "From a century of genocide and ecocide by war-based corporations we need to go to a future of seed freedom, food freedom based on rights of nature and rights of humanity", writes seedfreedom online .

Corporations are accused

In the last century big agribusiness of today with roots in war have poisoned millions of people, destroyed biodiversity, pushed small farmers off their land, and attempted to take over every aspect of our life. The potential of this harm increases as these corporations become fewer and bigger. An example is the recent bid by Bayer to buy Monsanto.
Using free trade neoliberal polices and deregulation of commerce to enlarge their empires, these corporations are attacking life on earth and biodiversity. They have broadened their control over our seed, our food and freedom, robbing us of our human rights and democracy. They have established monopolies and threatened farmers rights to seed and people’s rights to affordable medicine through patents and IPRs.

The People’s Assembly will be a gathering of movements, seed savers, seed defenders, farmers and growers and civilians to address the crimes against nature and against humanity perpetrated by chemical and biotechnology corporations.
While looking at how WTO and Free trade policies introduced patents on seed and promoted the GMO invasion, we will also look at the new free trade agreements like TTIP and TPP. Through the experience of ecocide and genocide of the last century, we will also chart the road to our future based on Seed Freedom and Food Freedom, agroecology and farmers rights, our commons and economies of sharing, rights of nature and earth democracy.

The Monsanto Tribunal and People’s Assembly will take place from 14th – 16th October 2016. The draft agenda for the People’s Assembly includes the following issues:

A Century of Ecocide and Genocide
Owning Life and Poisoning Life
Attack on Farmers and Farming
Attack on Food Freedom and Democracy
Corporate Control and New Threats
New corporate concentration – the Monsanto-Bayer Merger
New Free Trade Agreements – TPP and TTIP
New GMO Technologies, synthetic biology and gene editing
People’s vision for the future of food and the future of planet
Seed Saving and community Seed Banks
Reclaiming the seed as commons
Agroecology feeds the world
Organic Agriculture and Poison Free food
From Degeneration to Regeneration
Rights of Mother Earth
Sowing the Seeds of Earth Democracy

Key Participants include Vandana Shiva, Nnimmo Bassey, Andre Leu, Ronnie Cummins, Hans Herren, Dr. Eric Séralini, Percy Schmeiser, and many more…
Should you want to participate, create a workshop, and put up a stand please register here:
ruchi [@]
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