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Monsanto Tribunal Multimedia Site is online

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All the Monsanto Tribunal and People’s Assembly's multimedia material is completed now and available on Monsanto Tribunal website: pictures, short interviews and all the videos from the two days of hearings in The Hague, translated into six different languages.

The Monsanto Tribunal at October 15th and 16th in The Hague was livestreamed and around 10.000 people followed the event. Roughly 750 people from pall over the world were life at the Tribunal or the People´s Assembly. Those how missed to be there or follow the livestream can watch and hear all the testimonies from witnesses and experts and pleas from the lawyers.They are online now on the  Multimedia page. As a start, the Tribunal organising team invites you to watch or rewatch the following key moments:

Judge Tulkens` Closing Speech

Corinne Lepage´s Opening Speech

Marie-Monique Robin´s Closing Speech

Find video interviews also on BioMarktInfo YouTube:

People´s Assembly: Monsantos Crimes Exposed

André Leu, IFOAM President: We must join forces





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