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People4Soil expected to launch this September

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"It's time to save the soils of Europe" says the citizens' initiative People4Soil that is expected to be launched this September. More than 300 organisations ask EU a common legal framework to counteract land take, soil degradation and contamination.

Soil needs to be recognized as a shared heritage essential for our lives

The European Citizens' Initiative (ECI) titled “People4Soil” has been registered now at the European Commission. Starting from September, a one-yearlong petition will push the European institutions to adopt a dedicated legal framework on soil protection, by collecting one million signatures in all Member States. Soil needs to be recognized as a shared heritage essential for our lives, and its preservation assumed as a primary commitment by the European institutions: this is the request submitted by 300+ organisations supporting the People4Soil initiative.

By signing the ECI, citizens will claim for the preservation of soil as one of the most strategic resources of Europe, since it provides food security, safeguards biodiversity, mitigates climate change and is the basis for natural risk management and adaptation strategies. For this reason, there is the need to develop a dedicated legally binding framework covering the main soil threats such as erosion, sealing, organic matter decline and contamination, as well as to integrate the UN Sustainable Development Goals and the climate change mitigation commitments into binding EU policies.

Diverse network from all over Europe

The People4Soil network includes a wide diversity of organisations coming from all over Europe: scientific societies, Civil Society Organisations, environmental NGOs, farmers associations and unions, organic agriculture federations. “For many years EU has been the world lighthouse in environmental policies, with regard to air and water pollution, nature conservation, waste reduction and prevention of industrial accidents. Presently, 500 million citizens live in a more healthy environment thanks to European policies. We, the European citizens, ask our representative institutions to cover the main gap in EU environmental policies by preserving soils from degradation, contamination and sealing. Europe is not just a flag, but a project in which we believe: we want to be citizens of a sustainable EU and will sign for the preservation of land and soil, our common natural heritage!”.






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