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People’s Assembly Verdict: Monsanto guilty of crimes against the planet and humanity

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Organising Team of Monsanto Tribunal and People Assemby


Picture: Founders and ambassadors of the Monsanto Tribunal and the People Assemby

Monsanto and the "Poison Cartel" are guilty of crimes against our planet and humanity. This is the verdict from the People’s Assembly organized in the Hague alongside the Monsanto Tribunal.

"Poisons are not feeding us – rather, they are killing both ourselves and our planet. The poison cartel, which includes toxic makers such as Monsanto, Bayer, Dow, DuPont, etc are together destroying both our bread and our freedom. They are corrupting governments, violating nations’ sovereignty and imposing on our planet a model of greed, poison and corruption", explains the People´s Assembly and resolved "to end a century of ecocide and genocide".

Action in front of the university where the Tribunal is held

Picture: Action in front of the university where the Tribunal is held

"Planetary Alliance for Earth Democracy"

According to a press release a "Planetary Alliance for Earth Democracy" has been formed under the People’s Assembly. Thousands of people from across the world have already joined this Alliance and "a further one billion people will join in the next two years. "Through this initiative, people worldwide are working to reclaim their basic right of seed freedom and to promote poison-free organic farming and agro-ecology". In celebration of World Food Day, on the closing day (October 16th),the People´s Assembly baked a special organic bread from native wheat varieties and shared it as a ‘bread of freedom’ with participants of the assembly.

"The Alliance" is born to stop the crimes of Monsanto and of the Poison Cartel and block their attempts to hijack our democracy all over the world". GMO seeds and poisonous products such as Round Up (Glyphosate) & Basta (Glufosinate) led to the destruction of soils, to desertification, to the extermination of bees (75% in industrial agriculture-dominated areas), to the rise in health epidemics such as cancer, birth defects, et al. They are contaminating people by polluting areas and poisoning our food systems, explains the People’s Assembly. The Assembly  represented also a platform to share independent studies and real experiences of farmers and consumers across the world. 

Bart Staes, Member EU Parliament from the Green Party speaking to the People’s Assembly said, “We have to democratize the decision-making process, especially in the European Union parliament and we need to examine more carefully how the decisions are being made, especially when is comes to Agriculture; GMO seeds represent a huge problem for democracy; in fact the EU has under a lot of pressure to sign trade treaties that are deemed to have negative consequences on the environment and ecosystems.“

“We need to globalise hope!"

Ronnie Cummins, Founder of the Organic Consumer Association speaking on the closing day said, “We need to globalise hope! We need to break down the walls that divide us and to express solidarity with one another. In order to survive as a species and planet, we need a transnational alliance for the Earth. We need to combine all farmers movements from India to Mexico for the survival of our planet.”

Dr Vandana Shiva, founder of Navdanya and renowned environmentalist, stated: “At this People’s Assembly, and at hundreds of others happeninsg all over the world, people have passed their verdict. The poison cartel is guilty. They have destroyed life, plant and human health alike. They have disregarded all laws of nature and countries national legislation with the result of destroying biodiversity of our fields and our foods systems. As part of the Planetary Alliance for Earth Democracy we shall continue to resist attempt of these poison makers to control our food, our life and democracy."

#MonsantosCrimes Manifesto

1. Crimes against biodiversity, integrity and intrinsic worth of species by defining seeds and plants as their invention. Crimes against species and biodiversity
2. Crimes against biodiversity of pollinators – 75 % bees gone in industrial ;bees endeared species
3. Crimes against the Soil – Destruction of soil fertility and desertification.
4. Crimes against farmers – With over 300,000 farmers from India along have committed suicide because of Monsanto and they have been already spoken.
5. Propaganda and Lies: Monsanto are spread pseudo-scientific propaganda and lies to misguide the public and cover up their crimes.
6. Attack on Scientists – They have aggressively attacked independent scientist like Dr Eric Seralini and Dr A Putzai et al who have stood for real science and independent research.
7. Attack on Democracy – Monsanto has repeatedly attacked national governments in India Argentina, Mexico, Brazil, etc.
8. Right to Know: They are taking way from us the right to know what goes in our food.
9. Attack on democratic institution – In countries around the world they have attacked Anti-trust bodies, judiciary and government welfare institutions.
10. Attack on biosafety and Convention on Biological diversity- Monsanto with its genetic contamination and pollution tactics have blatantly transgressed the CBD and all biosafety regulations.
11. Crimes against the Earth/ Gaia – Monsanto and the poisons cartel at the biggest the contributors to Climate change. They are putting us on the path of annihilation





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